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 Professional Learning Resources for Teacher and Leader Effectiveness

The Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) Division aims to provide professional learning to support teachers and leaders in the successful implementation of the Teacher Keys and Leader Keys Effectiveness Systems (TKES and LKES).  All professional learning opportunities are designed to develop knowledge, skills, and behaviors to improve teacher and principal practice and effectiveness leading to increased student achievement.  The professional development provided is aligned with the components of TKES and LKES, and fosters ongoing improvements in teaching and student learning.  


Teacher/Leader Keys Effectiveness System Resources


A variety of the professional learning resources have been developed to guide understanding of critical information that assists in mastering the implementation of TKES and LKES.  These resources are available for teachers and evaluators and can be found by clicking the links below. 


Quick Guides


Quick Guides are concise, targeted reference tool for many of the topics and concepts related to TKES.  Each one page, accessible document focuses on the essential points of a TKES topic.  Quick Guides help clarify and guide understanding of critical information associated with TKES.

  Quick Guides: TKES (Teachers)

TAPS Using Self-Assessment


TAPS Standard 1: Professional Knowledge


TAPS Standard 2: Instructional Planning


TAPS Standard 3: Instruction Strategies


TAPS Standard 4: Differentiated Instruction


TAPS Standard 5: Assessment Strategies


TAPS Standard 6: Assessment Uses


TAPS Standard 7: Positive Learning Environment


TAPS Standard 8: Academic Challenging Environment


TAPS Standard 9: Professionalism


TAPS Standard 10: Communication


Student Growth Percentiles​


Quick Guides: LKES (Leaders)

LAPS Standard 1: Instructional Leadership​

LAPS Standard 2: School Climate

LAPS Standard 3: Planning and Assessment

LAPS Standard 4: Organizational Management

LAPS Standard 5: Human Resources Management

LAPS Standard 6: Teacher/Staff Evaluation

LAPS Standard 7: Professionalism

LAPS Standard 8: Communication and Community Relations

Conferencing and Feedback


Providing Effective Feedback


Effective Evaluation Conferences


Inter-rater Reliability






​ ​​​​​​​​​​​