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Differentiation Based on Data

: This session focuses on the “State Assessment Classroom Performance” (SACP or differentiation tool) which explores the students EOG/EOC Milestones achievement levels by content and domain. In addition, teachers will explore the students Lexile data, student growth percentages, local assessment results (Renaissance Learning and MAP), GOFAR results and TestPad results. This session will allow time for teachers to explore student results (time-permitting they may work collaboratively to develop a differentiated product plan for their students).
Prerequisite: “Data Overview” training

TKES Standards: This session will demonstrate how SLDS can assist teachers with TKES standards 1: Professional Knowledge, 2: Instructional Planning, 4: Differentiated Instruction, 6: Assessment Uses, 9: Professionalism.

Outline: Differentiation Based On Data Outline

Scavenger Hunt: Differentiation Based On Data Scavenger Hunt

Webinar: View 18 Min Video

5 Steps or Less: State Assessment Classroom Performance , Lexile Scores , Student Profile Page , And Additional 5-Steps

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