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 GSGM Technical Evaluation

The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) conducted an extensive process, working with multiple educator advisory groups and technical advisors, to select and implement its student growth model. As part of this process, GaDOE contracted with three leading, external researchers to begin the process of validating the model and its use in the state’s educator effectiveness system. We are pleased to release this set of five studies and overview that contribute to a technical evaluation of the Georgia Student Growth Model.  


An Overview of Georgia Student Growth Model Research

Scott Marion, National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment  

A Review of Comparisons of Aggregated Student Growth Percentiles and Value-Added for Educator Performance Measurement

Daniel F. McCaffrey and Katherine E. Castellano, Educational Testing Service  

A Technical Evaluation of the Student Growth Component of the Georgia Teacher and Leader Evaluation System

Daniel F. McCaffrey, Katherine E. Castellano, and J.R. Lockwood, Educational Testing Service  

Comparing Student Growth and Teacher Observation to Principal Judgments in the Evaluation of Teacher Effectiveness

Derek C. Briggs, Nathan Dadey, and Ruhan Circi Kizil, University of Colorado  

Adjusting Mean Growth Percentiles for Classroom Composition

Derek C. Briggs, Ruhan Circi Kizil, and Nathan Dadey, University of Colorado  

Georgia MGP-Churn Rate Study

Henry Braun and James Burraston, Boston University


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