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Keenville Resources

 Training Resources

​The 2022-2023 Keenville Teacher & Leader Training Course is now available in Georgia Learns. Please refer to the link “How to Register for Keenville in Georgia Learns” to register for the course.

​​​How to Register for Keenville in Georgia Learns

2022-2023 Keenville New Users Training Checklist

​​Course topics include:
  • Introduction to Keenville 
    • Keenville: The Student Experience 
    • Get Those Beans! Mini-Game for ELA and Math 
    • Space Train Mini-Game for ELA
  • Introduction to ELA Games 
    • Overview videos for each ELA game 
  • Introduction to Math Games)
    • Overview videos for each math game ​
  • ​Using Keenville Data to Guide Instruction
  • Teacher Dashboard
    • Introduction)
    • Whole Class Overview
    • Student Overview
    • Assigning Games
  • District and School Leader Dashboard
Keenville Pre-Administrati​on Webinar 2022