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 Memoranda & Announcements

2022-2023 Memoranda​​ and Announcements​​​​​
​6/10/2022 Assessment Training 2022-2023
System Test Coordinators
​Sandra Greene

​2021-2022 Memoranda​​ and Announcements​​​​​
​1/10/2022 Georgia Milestones Nomination of Educators for Test Development Activities
​Jan Blose
​1/10/2022 Georgia Alternate Assessment (GAA) 2.0 Nomination of Educators for Test Development Activities
​Jan Blose
​​11/1/2021 ​Nomination of Educators for Assessment Development Advisory Council
​Jan Blose
​6/18/2021 Assessment Training 202​1-2022​
System Test Coordinators
​Sandra Greene

Memoranda and Announcements from prior years​

 Contact Information

Allison Timberlake, Ph.D.
Deputy Superintendent, Assessment and Accountability

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