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 Professional Learning

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This series of professional learning resources is designed to foster a deeper understanding of assessment in the state of Georgia, including how available assessment resources may be used by educators to promote student learning. 

Additional resources are in development and wi​ll be added to this page as they become available. ​

Key for Training Resources




​Georgia Milestones Assessment S​ystem: Evaluating and Improving Student Writing​​

Learning Expect​​ations and Best Practices for Narrative Writing
  • Identify student expectations related to narrative writing
  • Develop understanding around the practice of narrative writing
  • Explore best practices in teaching and assessing narrative writing

Examining the Georgia Milestones Extended Constructed-Response Item & Resources​​​​​
  • Explore characteristics of the narrative item on the Georgia Milestones ELA assessment
  • Review the scoring philosophy for narrative items on Georgia Milestones
  • Navigate Georgia Milestones narrative writing resources

​Using Description to D​evelop Characters, Events, and Experiences​​
  • ​Identify student expectations for using description in narrative writing
  • Explain why and how to effectively use description in narrative writing
  • Explore the use of description in authentic mentor texts and student exemplars

​Grades 3-5​

Grades 6-8​​​

​High School​​​