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 Curriculum, Instruction, and School Climate Webinar Archives

​GACIS/GaDOE Webinar Series for Curriculum Supervisors

GACIS/GaDOE Series: Addressing Learning Loss​​​​​​

​Part I Recording: Caitlin Dooley, Ph.D. ​​

Part II Recording:​ Deirdre Smith, Katie Landes

Part III Recording: Brandi Simo​nsen, Ph.D. ​​​

Part IV Recording: Steve Goodman, Ph.D. 

Part V Recording: Tara Noe, Ed.S.​

Part VI Recording: Terrence Wilson, J.D. 

​Part VII Recording: Pam Walker

Part VIII Recording: Carolyn Sykora; Octavia Abell 

Part IX 12/8/21, 10a: Lauren Gordon, LPC, CPCS, RDT 

  • ​​​​​​Building Resilien​​​ce in School Aged Youth​​​

GACIS/GaDOE Pandemic Solution Sharing