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Forms and Documents

​Each form title below is a link to the form. a brief description follows each title These forms can be used "as is" in most cases or modified to meet your district's individual needs. 


FVLMA Parent & Student Response (Spanish) 

​​A​ professionally translated companion to the FVLMA Parent and Student Response Section of the APH FVLMA​ Kit, Catalog Number: 7-96151-00. It is Available from GIMC on quota funds.​​​​​​​​​


Book Return Packing Sheet 

Teachers are expected to return materials in an organized manner. Use the form as a packing list of returned books to alert the GIMC warehouse staff what is included in the returned boxes.​​​

Equipment Repair 

Use this online form to alert GIMC staff that a broken item is being returned to the warehouse. The warehouse shipping address is GIMC, 2895 Vineville Ave, Macon, GA 31204.

Lego Assurances Form

All teachers requesting Lego Braille Learning Blocks must agree to the terms of use for the materials. Request the Lego Blocks through the DataLnx online system and return this form using the embedded email link.​​​

Overdue Materials Letter 

D​istricts may use this template letter to notify parents of materials that need to be returned to the GIMC warehouse. Keep a copy of the letter for your records.​​

Teacher Material Transfer

Teachers who are leaving a district or changing caseloads should use this form to document that the materials check-out by them are locally transfer to another teacher or administrator. The form serves as proof that the materials have been accepted until they are transferred in the GIMC ordering system by the recipient. ​​

VI Cohort Loan Request

N​on-student loan agreement exclusively for the Middle Georgia RESA, VI Cohort program.​


Curriculum Pacing Guide

Complete this form for all special request for the transcription of braille books. It may be included with the ink-print, and ink-print request form.​​​​​

Material Request (All Orders)

District patrons and private and home shool account holders are encouraged to use the GIMC online ordering system for home and private school accounts. Contact the GIMC office for assistance as needed, 678-340-6448

Smartbrailler Decision Guide

Complete this decision guide and return it to the GIMC with an online order for a Smartbrailler. Smartbraillers will not be shipped without this completed document on file for each student.​​

ZoomText, Jaws, and Magic Download and Installation Instructions

These are complete instructions for installing a single application or the suite of Freedom Scienfic Software.


Student Eligibility for Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

Eligible ​students are those who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise print-impaired, or physically disabled. This form must be completed by a competent authority and kept on file at the local district.​​​​

Consents to Release Personally Identifying Information (PII)

The parent consent forms below are for parents or legal guardians of students to allow the GIMC to release PII on behalf of the student to acquire accessible educational materials and equipment.

Students who are of legal age will use the below student form to grant permission for the GIMC to release PII on their behalf to acquire accessible educational materials and equipment.​

Note: All forms must be notarized before submission to the GIMC.