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 Data Collections and Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX)


The Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX) is a web-based portal that links states’ migrant student record databases to facilitate the national exchange of migrant students’ educational information among the states.  The primary purpose of MSIX is to make migrant student information available to authorized school personnel to support them in making decisions on student enrollment, grade or course placement, and accrual of credits.

The timely transfer of education records for migrant children between schools has been a longstanding challenge. Migrant children often enroll in multiple schools for varying amounts of time each year as their families migrate in search of temporary or seasonal work in agriculture or fishing. MEP staffs continue to find it difficult to share and consolidate student information that schools, local educational agencies, and states collect on migrant children in a timely and meaningful way that helps school personnel make appropriate decisions when the students arrive. These conditions and those shown below prompted the need for an exchange of records.

High Movement — Highly mobile migrant student population

Short Notice — Students move from state-to-state often without notice

Lack of Data — Timely and accurate educational information not always available

Placement Errors — Students placed in incorrect courses or grades

Loss of MEP Services — Students not provided the most beneficial MEP services

In response to this challenge and a Congressional mandate to link the existing migrant student information systems, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) implemented the Migrant Student Record Exchange Initiative.

Request for an MSIX Secondary User Account

Must follow these steps to request an MSIX Secondary User account:

  • Download the MSIX User Access Guide and Application available in Word and PDF format. (Updated August 2021)

  • Complete the User Access Application available in Word and PDF format. (Updated August 2021)​

  • Review the most current Cybersecurity and Account Management Webinar.​

  • Print the Cybersecurity and Privacy Awareness Training Certificate.​​

  • Submit your application to your supervisor and the basic cyber security certificate 

  • The Verifying Authority/supervisor will review the application and the basic cyber security certificate and confirm your identity and need of an account.

  • Applicant will forward the form the Regional MEP office /State Administrator.

  • Your Regional/State Administrator reviews and approves the form, then creates a new account.

Step 1: Applicant Information

  • The Applicant completes the Applicant Information and signs the form.
  • The Applicant forwards the form to a Verifying Authority.  This should be the Applicant’s direct supervisor or an individual that is above the direct supervisor in an official reporting structure.

Step 2: Identification Verification and Attestation

  • The Verifying Authority completes his/her own information, reviews the entire application for completeness and accuracy, confirms the Applicant’s identification and attests to the Applicant’s need for an MSIX account.
  • Upon completion, the Verifying Authority returns the form to the Applicant.

Step 3: Forward Form to Approving Authority

  • The Applicant faxes the completed application, along with the training certificate, to Yesica Ordonez, MEP State Data Collections Coordinator at the Georgia Department of Education. Phone # 404-416-2909​​

Step 4: State Authority Approval

  • The State reviews the Applicant and Verifying Authority portions of the application for completeness, completes his/her own information, signs the form, and files it in his/her local records.
  • The State creates an MSIX account for the Applicant.
  • ​The Applicant will receive two emails from MSIX: one with his/her MSIX User Name and the other with his/her initial temporary Password.

If you need any assistance, please contact Yesica Ordonez at 404-416-2909

Additional Information

Below you will find informational materials and brochures for migrant parents about MSIX. You may distribute these publications to migrant parents via mail, at local school meetings, during local Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meetings, at school meetings and during any other occasio​n you deem appropriate.​ 

​​​​​​​​​​​​For more information about MSIX, please visit the U.S. Department of Education - MSIX website​