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 Building Capacity

​​​National and State Standards for Family-School Partnerships​

In 2010, the Georgia Board of Education endorsed the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Standards for Family-School Partnerships as the state’s model in engaging parents, students, and the community. To learn more about these standards, please visit The standards are the basis for the six structures of the Family and Community Engagement System of Georgia's Systems of Continuous Improvement. For information about Georgia's Systems of Continuous Improvement, click here. ​



Georgia Family Engagement Partner (FEP) Network 

There are approximately 1,000 family engagement professionals throughout the state assisting Title I funded school districts and schools to engage parents in their children's academic success. Their focus is to offer a variety of informative sessions and meetings, link parents to resources in the community, and assist parents with navigating the school system so their children can obtain the resources required to help them achieve their maximum academic potential.​ To learn more about the Network, click here.​ ​​

Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT)

Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT) is a family engagement model, designed by Dr. Maria Paredes, that strengthens teacher-family relationships by focusing on student academic growth and achievement. The APTT model elevates the efforts of traditional parent-teacher conferences by inviting all families of the same classroom teacher to meet together rather than individually. ​Learn about Georgia's APTT program by clicking here. ​​

​​​Parent Capacity

Access resources for building the capacity of parents as equal partners by clicking here​. Learn about the School Transitions video series and booklets, resources for parents of English Learners, support for parent leaders, and general information for parents. Download the Checklist for Building Capacity of Parents for use during your technical assistance sessions with your Title I school staff.


School Staff Capacity

New resources for building the capacity of school staff at Title I schools are available online by clicking here​. Access the Checklist for Building Capacity of School Staff, customizable presentation slides on the topic of communicating with parents, Ideas for Building School Staff Capacity, and the Family-Friendly Partnership School Initiative virtual tours, self-assessment, walk-through exercise, scenarios, sample surveys, and more.