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 Systemic Family Engagement Guide

​Title I, Part A Systemic Family Engagement Guide  
(The Handbook)


Thumbnail image of the 2017-2018 Family Engagement handbook  

Hard copies of the 2021-2022 Family Engagement Handbook are now available for order through a state agency, Georgia Correctional Industries (GCI). Contact Jerry Dunson at and provide the following information to receive a quote:

Subject: 2021-2022 Family Engagement Handbook
Include your name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, and desired quantity.

Individual copies are available. 

Downloadable PDF Files


                        Family Engagement Handbook Full 2021-2022                          


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Family Engagement   Handbook Introduction 

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Section 1: Handbook Overview


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Section 2: Technical Assistance

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Section 3: Input


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Section 4: Policies

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Section 5: Compacts


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  Section 6: Distribution                    Section 7: Building Capacity