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 Family Engagement Month 2020


Overcoming the Digital Divide: Conquering At-Home Learning, Empowering Student Success, and Focusing on the Whole Child

The Georgia Department of Education, Family-School Partnership Program is offering an opportunity for schools, families, and communities to come together and showcase their message of RESLIENCY.  As a part of a friendly competition, school systems and families will be invited to submit an image, collection of images, or a video file reflecting positive outcomes of strong family, school, and community partnerships during these unprecedented times –Bitmoji Style! 


​Contest Details

The Georgia Department of Education's (GaDOE) Family-School Partnership Program welcomes all Title I districts and schools to submit a creative virtual project to include parents playing a role in supporting their children’s academic achievement.  The planning team consisting of stakeholders, must include parents, and display their active engagement - such as, but not limited to, participating in a virtual or in-person Building Parent Capacity activity or a learning resource (e.g. resource room) to promote at-home learning. 


Bitmoji scene/characters are highly encouraged in your final design, but other options are also acceptable. Consider creating the project via Microsoft PowerPoint, Google slide, or another similar platform and export it as an image file (jpeg or png) OR a video file (mpeg4, wmv).  Entries must not exceed eight (8) slides or 5 minutes in length for videos, per project.  

Scoring Rubric

The project will be scored based on the following criteria:  

  • Originality (creativity of the project)
  • Stakeholder Participation (stakeholders working together)
  • Support for Virtual Family Engagement (making the shift to online learning, in-person support – resources, whole-child focus).   

For the complete scoring rubric, click here​​. 

Selection Process

There will be two to three winners selected from each Family Engagement region (north, middle, and south) for a total of six to nine winners statewide. Winners will be recognized during the Family-School Partnership Program's  February 2021 statewide virtual meeting.  In addition,  winners will receive a promotional package consisting of an e-badge and certificate, and the honor of receiving the title of distinction “GaDOE Virtual Family Ambassador."​

Submission Guidelines​

Entries must be submitted online by an authorized district or school designee to include: link(s) to an online graphic or video sharing platform, video and school/ parental consent release statement. Each local eductional agency (LEA) may submit one (1) video per school level: elementary, middle and high school, for a total of three (3) submissions. The LEA may also choose to send in ONE (1) video to capture all stakeholders. 

Entry deadline:

Friday, October 30, 2020 no later than 4:00 p.m.

​Submission link, click here​. (

Project Flyer​​

Basic Project Samples​

Dawn Bitmoji.png

Project 1, click here to view

Mandi Bitmoji.png

Project 2, click here​ to view