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 Review Processes

School and District Effectiveness (SDE) Review Processes

SDE uses several processes to examine a districts's and/or school’s level of implementation in each of the five systems of Georgia’s Systems of Continuous Improvement (GSCI):

​1. Coherent Instruction

2. Effective Leadership​​

3. Professional Capacity​

4. Family and Community Engagement

5. Supportive Learning Environment 

Each of these processes is designed to be imple​mented by a team from SDE and/or RESA or by a district or school as a self-assessment tool.  SDE provides technical assistance for a district and/or school to implement each of these review processes, and if capacity allows, provides an external team to implement the review processes.  Contact the appropriate SDE Area Program Assessment Specialist (APAS) for assistance and information.

GDRP and GSAPS Presentation

​Georgia School Assessment of Performance on Systems (GSAPS)

The purpose of the GSAPS review process is to provide detailed information for a school on its progress toward full implementation of all five systems of the GSCI by conducting an in-depth examination of a school’s data to determine areas of opportunity and support and to guide the school’s improvement plan. 

Georgia School Assessment of Performance on Systems Resources:

Georgia District Review Process (GDRP)

The purpose of the GDRP is to determine areas of focus and support for a district to improve student achievement by conducting an in-depth examination of a district’s data to determine areas of opportunity and support and to guide the district’s improvement plan.
This process is currently undergoing field-testing.  Resources and tools will be made available once the field-testing and any necessary revisions are completed.

​Instructional Awareness Walks (IAW)

The purpose of the Instructional Awareness Walks process is to support a school in the process of establishing and sustaining effective Coherent Instructional and Supportive Learning Environment Systems by providing a framework and tools to implement classroom observations. 

Instructional Awareness Walks Resources:


 Contact Information

​North Area Program Assessment Specialist
Shawn Keim
Phone: 704-560-0998

Metro Area Program Assessment Specialist
Sharquinta Tuggle

South Area Program Assessment Specialist
Anita Smith
Phone: 229-894-2119