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 Title II, Part A Resources

The following resources are available to assist Georgia LEAs with the successful implementation of Title II, Part A. These resources come from Georgia districts, Title II, Part A program staff, the Department and the United States Department of Education.

Online Resources

GaDOE Portal Login (Login/ Password Required)
USDE What Works Clearinghouse Webpage
Evidence for ESSA Webpage
National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities​​
Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)

Needs Assessment & Equity

GaDOE has streamlined the ESSA application process. Information and resources are available on the Federal Programs CLIP Webpage.   

Optional Needs Assessment Resources

Sample Needs Assessment Surveys

(Samples provided are specific to Title II, Part A)

Budget & Effectiveness

FY18 Allocations

FY18 Title II, Part A Budget Allocations -Reduction/Updated Data​​​​ (10.16.2017)
FY18 Title II, Part A Budget Allocations - Original/Original Data (08.16.2017)

FY18 Indirect Cost Rates​​ (06.2017)​

FY19 Allocations

FY19 Title II, Part A Budget Allocations- Projections​​​​ (Coming soon!)

Budget Guidance

Budget Review Checklist

Budget Attachments - All LEAs

Budget Attachments - If Applicable

Monitoring & Compliance

Time and Effort

Private Schools

​​FY18 Private School Flowchart of Items due to GaDOE​

Guidance: The Use of W9 and 1099 is available on the State Ombudsman webpage​ on the right hand side under "Updates". This details when and how LEAs can request tax information from private school teachers.

Required Forms

Forms available at the State Ombudsman Webpage - "Private Schools-Equitable Services Forms to Submit to GaDOE​​" (in the Forms section bottom right of the page).

  • Form A- Private School Initial Consultation and Notification of Intent for 2018-2019 Provision of Services (Affirmation of Initial Consultation and Intent Notification)
    • Due December 15, 2017
  • Private School Participation- 2018-2019 School Year (online submission)
    • ​Due December 15, 2017
  • Form B- Part 1- FY17 Private School Consultation for FY18 Provision of Services
    • Due June 30, 2018
  • Form B- Part 2- FY17 Private School Consultation for FY18 Provision of Services
    • Due October 1, 2018



TRAINING: Please provide feedback to any and all training sessions using the link below. We rely on feedback as we plan our sessions. Enter the formal title of the training session and "Title II, Part A Specialists" as the presenter.
RESOURCES: Please consider taking a moment to give us feedback ​on our resources. Let us know what is helpful and what you would like to see to help with your implementation of Title II, Part A. You can also contact us at  

​Georgia’s Systems of Continuous Improvement

The Georgia Department of Education’s strategic plan emphasizes transforming the Department into one that provides meaningful support to schools and districts. The Department has developed a common, continuous improvement framework to ensure that these efforts are aligned across all GaDOE divisions, departments, and programs. The Georgia’s Systems of Continuous Improvement framework focuses on the systems and structures (the “what”) that must be in place for sustained improvement in student outcomes. It also utilizes a problem-solving model (the “how”) to provide a clear process for identifying improvement needs, planning for improvement, and implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the improvement efforts.


Opportunities for Title II, Part A support are woven throughout Georgia’s Systems of Continuous Improvement. A Coherent Instructional System can be supported by Title II, Part A to provide ALL teachers and school leaders with opportunities to broaden and deepen their understanding and practice of effective instructional strategies.  Title II, Part A also provides the means for schools and LEAs to develop their Professional Capacity through attracting, placing, and supporting effective educators. Research indicates Effective Leadership is critical to the success of our schools and Title II, Part A can provide the necessary support for the development of effective leaders through professional learning and mentorship. These opportunities go toward supporting and developing the whole child and providing the access for low income students and families to effective teachers and leaders.​ 

To access guidance and training on the Georgia Systems of Continuous Improvement, please use the following link.

 Georgia's Systems of Continuous Improvement