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Georgia Milestones Training Resources

​This series of videos, training documents and presentations are designed to offer quick overviews of various Georgia Milestones Assessment administration tasks. These should be used in conjunction with GaDOE training webinars and online courses. 

​​Key for Training Resources

Online Course

DRC eDIRECT Training 

Below are several videos from DRC on how to administer tasks in eDIRECT.

​Adding Single Users​​​
​​ Adding Multiple Users​
Adding and Ed​iting Accommodations - Individual and Multiple​ ​
Creating Student Test Sessions​
Editing Student Test Sessions​​
Updating User Permissions for a New Administration​



​Test Coordinator Training​

Accommodations in eDIRECT Video Accommodations in eDIRECT QuickStart Guide​

Accommodations and Milestones Video Accommodations and Milestones PowerPoint​
​Monitor Student Progress in eDIRECT Video

Monitor Student Progress Quick Start Guide​​



Multiple Student Upload in eDIRECT Video​


Report Delivery in eDIRECT Video​ ​ 

School Test Coordinator Training Online Course Directions​​

School Test Coordinator Training PowerPoint​

​​ Student Setup in eDIRECT Video

Student Setup in eDIRECT QuickStart Guide

System Test Coordinator Training Online Course Directions

Understanding District Level Reports Understanding District Level Reports PowerPoint with Script​
​Understanding School Level Reports Understanding School Level Reports PowerPoint with Script​

Test Examiner Training ​ ​ ​

Avoiding Testing Irregularities Video ​​
Test Examiner Training Video Test Examiner Training PowerPoint with script​

​ ​ ​ ​​Student Training

Student Test Tutorial​

​Technology Enhanced Items​​​
Technology-Enchanced Items Presentation with Script​ Technology-Enhanced Item Examples​ Score descriptions

​​Georgia Milestones Secure Practice Test Directions​​​