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 Events and Conferences


Professional Learning is the ​means by which teachers, administrators, and other staff acquire, enhance, a​nd refine the knowledge, skills, practices, and dispositions necessary to create and support high levels of learning for all students. 

The Office of School Improvement, Division of School and District Effectiveness, will host the professional learning opportunities below pending State Board of Education approval.

​Virtual Professional Learning Opportunities

Georgia's Reimagining Education Conference, June 2021

​​Did you miss our conference? It's not too late! All conference documents are available for on-demand access at Reimagining Education Conference: Pre​sentations and Documents​​. 

Data-Driven Decision Making for School Improvement Planning​

Teacher Clarity: Transparency for Learning

GaDOE​ School Improvement 's Teacher Clarity series will equip teachers and leaders with a deeper understanding of learning intentions and success criteria. Teacher Clarity is an evidence-based teaching strategy with an effect size that nearly doubles the rate of student learning when implemented with fidelity.​

Participants will engage in a step-by-step process to move students toward demonstrating mastery. Participants will learn how to better articulate:

  • WHAT their students need to learn
  • WHY they are learning it
  • HOW they will know they have learned it

Teacher Clarity: Transparency for Learning, Part 1 

Teacher Clarity: Transparency for Learning, Part 2 

Monitoring Teacher Clarity Implementation, Part 3

​Support School Improvement Utilizing Georgia’s Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) and the School Improvement (SI) Dashboard ​

​​The School Improvement (SI) Dashboard feature in SLDS provides an insight of different data variables reflected at a school, district and state level.  This professional development gives a brief overview of how to navigate the platform, and explores possible uses of the trend data housed in the platform as schools engage in data-driven school improvement planning. ​


Formative Instructional Practices (FIP)​ Professional Learning Series
for Federally Identified Schools

​​Session 1: How Federally Designated Schools Can Improve ​

Session 2: Using GA FIP Web Page Resources to Support Improvement Planning

Session 3: Using FIP Courses to Design Better Classroom-based Formative Assessments ​

Session 4: Creating Optimal Opportunities to Lead FIP Professional Learning  
Session 5: Leading Teachers to Help Students Revise Their Thinking Using Formative Assessment
Session 6: Organizing to Help Teachers Facilitate Student Ownership of Learning​​

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