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In a digital age, systems must access, exchange, and consume data quickly.  To make these actions seamless between systems, interoperability of information must work securely, be controlled, and process fluidly between systems. The amount of data collected on educational topics is tremendous.  Interoperability provides educators the tools they need by allowing multiple systems to easily communicate and exchange data seamlessly.   

School systems have multiple systems that educators must access on a regular basis.  Many of these systems include standards.  In order to consume the standards in a digital format in each system, someone must enter these standards into that system.  Typically, from a document.  This process is replicated over and over for multiple systems and multiple school systems.  Georgia has adopted the standards exchange format called CASE from 1EdTech formerly IMS Global. CASE stands for Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange.  


SuitCASE is Georgia's standards platform. Using 1EdTech's CASE (Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange) format, SuitCASE is the System Unifying Instructional Tools.  SuitCASE provides standards in CASE format for easy import into any CASE compliant learning platform. Additionally, the SuitCASE platform provides a unique experience where educators may engage with learning standards in the digital environment.  Functions such as adding individual comments to any standard item, pinning an item to the frameworks board, and connecting to the Inspire application allows users to experience standards in a unique and collaborative approach.

Georgia is leading the way to creating a unique interactive standards platform.  This platform allows for the exchange of standards between systems using the CASE format as well as human interaction with the standards in the platform SuitCASE - System Unifying Instructional Tools using the CASE format. This platform is the foundation to engaging instructional tools. 


CASE is a format that allows systems to ingest digital standards into learning management systems, assessment tools, curriculum management tools, or credentialing systems without difficulty.  By providing the standards in this format, school systems only need to be able to consume the format rather than retype 1000's of standards into the system.  “C​ASE is the standard that enables the consistent format and exchange of information about learning and education competencies, skills or academic standards in an open, machine-readable format." 1EdTechl).


The Inspire system provides curriculum content in a layout that is easy to navigate and organized in a visual format that can be navigated easily. Inspire will include the Georgia Department of Education's resources that pertain to each grade and subject which are related to instruction.  The resources include curriculum maps, sample lessons and/or activities, as well as assessment information pertaining to tested subjects.      ​

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​Angela Ingram
Knowledge and Interoperability Manager

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