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 High Schools That Work

High Schools That Work (HSTW) is a research and data-driven school improvement initiative of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) designed to assist high schools in improving the academic and technical performance and post-high school placement of secondary students. The Georgia Department of Education sponsors collaboration between the state, local schools, and SREB to provide students with challenging programs of study supported by student/parent/school-based advisement systems, extra help when needed, and community partnerships. High Schools That Work activities involve the high school in efforts that replace low-level performance expectations with course rigor and relevance and a school improvement initiative with a purpose.

Major goals of HSTW in Georgia:

  • To raise the mathematics, science, communications, problem-solving and technical achievement of Georgia students to the national average or above.
  • To significantly improve the ability of Georgia High Schools to prepare students for post high school options by following the HSTW Key Practices.
  • To improve the CTAE programs through the integration and support of academics.

HSTW helps high schools customize plans to reach their improvement goals. This assistance includes but not limited to:

  • Focused staff development opportunities at the local, regional, and state levels
  • Targeted assessment services through the HSTW Assessment (NAPE Referenced)
  • Ongoing communication and networking opportunities
  • Technical assistance
  • Integration of CTAE and academic curriculum 

Becoming a HSTW site:

  • Have a commitment to school improvement
  • Have at least 80% faculty buy-in
  • Administer the HSTW Assessment
  • Conduct a site development workshop for staff
  • Develop a leadership team and focus teams
  • Development of HSTW Key Practices
  • Attend the HSTW Summer In-Service
  • Complete annual report for SREB and State GaDOE Status Report

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