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 ASPIRE Videos and Modules


ASPIRE Student Videos

ASPIRE Parent Videos

Parent Training Modules

The ASPIRE training videos are a series of modules to provide parents with information about their student’s participation in the ASPIRE program.  They are designed to be used when on-site parent training is not possible or the parent cannot attend the parent training.   Each module focuses on different aspects of ASPIRE that a parent may need to know in order to partner with the school to provide their student with the best experience in the program.  ASPIRE is a student-led IEP initiative that provides the student with the opportunity to develop self-determination skills.  Self-determination skills are a combination of attitudes and abilities that lead students to set goals for themselves, take the initiative to reach these goals and make their own choices.

Below is a brief description of the content of each module, which will give parents flexibility to choose the order and/or modules that will provide them with the information that will be to their benefit.  Parents can print the corresponding PowerPoints to use during the viewing of the videos or at their leisure.

Module One: Introduction to ASPIRE

This module provides general information about the ASPIRE program and the importance of students with disabilities developing self-determination skills. 

Module Two: Overview of an IEP (Individual Education Program) and IGP (Individual Graduation Plan)

This module provides general information on the components of the IEP and the State’s IGP requirements.  By participating in ASPIRE, students will develop skills that will allow them to have meaningful participation in the process. 

Module Three: Participation in ASPIRE

This module gives an overview of how students and parents can participate in the ASPIRE program, the importance of participation, and how self-determination skills are developed through participation in ASPIRE.

Module Four: Next Steps

This module gives parents an overview of what they can expect as their student participates in the ASPIRE program and the role that they can take in the process.


 Contact Information


Wina Low
Interim State Director, 
Special Education Services and Supports

Elise James
Programs Specialist,
Transition Outcomes, 
Self-Determination Initiatives
Phone: (404) 657-0309
Cell: (404) 326-0421
FAX: (404) 651-6457​​​​​