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 Professional Learning Modules


The Georgia Department of Education is working to support and enhance professional learning statewide by developing a system of professional learning across the Division for Special Education and Supports. The creation of online professional learning will allow support and knowledge to be available online and on-demand to administrators and educators across the state giving them the freedom to take part in learning that aligns with their specific professional needs and availability.

All modules go through the process of identification of need, planning and content creation, recording and module creation, content team review and sign off, IT quality check within the PLO platform, and public release.

For more information about current and upcoming online professional learning modules, contact Kris Rhee,, or Wina Low,

Accessing the Professional Learning Portal 

All professional learning courses are housed in the MyGaDOE portal. District credentials are needed to log in and access the trainings. To access the trainings:

  • Go to
  • On the main menu, select Professional Learning Opportunities (PLO)
  • The main landing page for PL will display an overview of all the courses available within the portal
  • In the Search Bar, enter the Course Title
  • To self-register for a course, click on the Register button
  • The registered course will then appear in the area Registered Professional Learning

In order to view a course, you must register for it. Once all necessary sections of the course are completed, you will be able to access and receive a certificate of completion. This certificate will download as a PDF and can be printed out if a hard copy is needed. To view your certificate:

  • On the main landing page, go to My Accomplishments and select Transcripts
  • This will display all of your completed courses and your Certificate ID
  • Click on the blue Certificate ID for the course you want the certificate for (it will automatically download onto your computer)

Please contact the Help Desk for issues regarding your Portal account.

Available Courses 

High Cost Grant – The High Cost Grant funds will assist local educational agencies in covering the direct special education instructional costs of children with disabilities who meet the criteria established in IDEA 2004 and the system plan for GHCF. Approximately $3,000,000 will be available for distribution to local districts through the Grant for High Cost Funds.

This module expands on the purpose of the grant, explains eligibility criteria, provides due dates, discusses how to submit an application, and answers frequently asked questions. For more information, visit the Budget, Grants, and Consolidated Application page on the GaDOE website.

Residential Reintegration Grant – The Residential Reintegration Grant can assist a school system with full or partial reimbursement to school district expenses for students served in a residential school and/or services to support reintegration into a school-based program. These services are funded to provide a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for the most significantly disabled students.

This module expands on the purpose of the grant, details the grant's funding priorities, explains the criteria for application and residential facilities, and discusses how to submit an application. For more information, visit the Budget, Grants, and Consolidated Application page on the GaDOE website.

FY20 Data Collection and Reporting in Special Education – This course is designed to walk participants through data collection and reporting for special education. The information provided was presented at the FY20 Data Conference August 21-23, 2019. It contains the following modules:

More information including PDF versions of the presentations, other documents, tools, and templates can be found on the GaDOE website.

Understanding IDEA Maintenance of Effort – The purpose of this course is to: develop foundational knowledge of LEA MOE regulatory requirements under IDEA, review examples of the application of IDEA LEA MOE requirements to ensure appropriate implementation, and share resources to support IDEA LEA MOE implementation and reporting. It contains the following modules:

  • Basic Understanding of MOE
  • The Eligibility Standard
  • The Compliance Standard
  • The Four Methods
  • Allowable Exceptions Part 1
  • Allowable Exceptions Part 2
  • Calculating Exceptions
  • The Subsequent Years Rule
  • Adjustments to MOE
  • MOE Adjustments and Coordinated Early Intervening Services
  • Documentation

For more information, visit the Budget, Grants, and Consolidated Application page on the GaDOE website.

Developing the IEP in GO-IEP – This course has videos, activities, resources, and quizzes that check for understanding. Upon completion, a certificate is issued to the participant.

The module starts with Logging in to GO-IEP and Navigating and Managing the Electronic Student File. Then, it continues with Completing a Meeting Notice and Completing an IEP. This may be helpful for new teachers or a good refresher for those who need it. If you need assistance, please contact your GO-IEP Program Specialist.

Upcoming Courses

Equitable Services (PLO August 2020) – More information will be made available in the coming weeks.

FY21 Data Collection and Reporting in Special Education (PLO TBA) – More information will be made available in the coming weeks.

Early Warning System (PLO TBD) – More information will be made available in the coming weeks.


 Contact Information

Wina Low
Program Manager Senior

Kris Rhee
Professional Learning Specialist
Phone: 404-657-9972