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 High School Feeback Report

The High School Feedback (HSFB) report provides authorized users with valuable information about their high school graduates. The report provides detailed student level data about the number of high school graduates enrolled in a Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), a University System of Georgia (USG) college or university, a U.S. college outside of Georgia, or a private college within Georgia (NSC*). 

*NSC = National Student Clearinghouse.  This category includes all graduates who attended a private Georgia college or a college outside of Georgia. 

The HSFB Report allows Administrators to answer the following questions.

  • What percent of my high school graduates went to a public college in Georgia?
  • What percent of my high school graduates went to a private Georgia college, or attended college outside of Georgia?
  • In what subjects did the students major? 
  • Did the students require remediation in college?

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