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Open Educational Resources

In October 2015, US Department of Education launched a new initiative endorsing the adoption of education materials that are provided in an open licensing format often called OER-Open Educational Resources.  Open licensing provides resources to educators, parents, and students, that have the ability to be used, revised, and repurposed for educational use and typically without a fee.  Georgia is pleased to participate in endorsing #GoOpen by providing access to high quality resources to any state, district, or school across Georgia and the Nation.  ​

Georgia Virtual Resources are the largest collection of OER content in Georgia. Since the content is available openly-no log in required, without a cost, and with limited licensing restrictions, these resources can be accessed by anyone in Georgia.  Georgia is a leading state in sharing content state to state via the Learning Registry.  By providing educators, parents, and students free, quality, aligned resources, many barriers such as possible copyright violations by adapting resources to meet the needs of students, are removed. 

For more information on US Department of Education's #GoOpen initiative visit:

For access to Georgia Virtual School's OER content visit:​​