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TestPad allows teachers and administrators to create their own multiple choice and constructed response items and reading passages, align them to standards, and deliver them to students online through the SLDS Student Portal.  Items, tests, and passages can be shared in a public bank among teachers within the same school, and among administrators within the same district.  

Students take the tests by logging in to the SLDS Student Portal and clicking on the "Testing" icon.  Tests are scored automatically (except for constructed response items, which must be scored manually by a teacher or administrator), and reports of student performance are generated immediately once a student completes a test.

How to Access TestPad in Your District

In order for a district to have access to TestPad, the district’s Assessment Director must request for TestPad to be turned on, and we highly recommend a four-module training process for users. The request can be made via email to or through an SLDS trainer (trainers are listed on the SLDS Help and Training page​).  For the most successful TestPad rollout, we recommend the following prerequisites:

  • Users in the district are currently active and proficient SLDS users.
  • The district’s SIS/Data Coordinator is uploading Student Class File on a nightly basis.
  • The district has turned on the SLDS Student/Parent Portal within their SIS.
  • Students in the district have a login and password to their SIS and know how to login.
  • Teachers in the district understand how to properly align questions to Georgia standards.

Training Documentation

Accessing TestPad

Create a New Item​

Create a New Passage

Create a New Test

Create a New Test with GOFAR items *New*

Link Items and Passages

Assign a Test​

Score Constructed Response Items​

TestPad Training Resources

TestPad Overview Presentation

For Data/SIS Coor​dinators

Migrating GOFAR to TestPad​ Release Notes
This document provides Profile Managers with information regarding the setup and management of the various levels of access to TestPad.

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