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 School Improvement (SI) Dashboard

​School Improvement Dashboard

The SI Dashboard provides an insight of different data variables reflected at a school, district, and state level. These variables are grouped under different components to easily reach the specific element. For example, Student Attendance and Student Mobility are placed under Student information; finance tools such as Per Pupil Expenditure, Financial Efficiency Star Rating (FESR), and STAR Climate Rating are placed under Star Rating; Teacher and Leader Information will include Teacher attendance, Ineffective counts, Inexperienced counts, TAPS/LAPS Summative Distribution; Student performance data includes Lexile Rate, Graduation rate; and CCRPI is available under Student Improvement. The data variables used for the SI dashboard currently reflects data collected from FY16 through FY19​.

The data variables used in the SI Dashboard are listed below. They are grouped under the six different components below.
  • Student Information
  • Star Rating
  • Teacher Information
  • Leader Information
  • Student Performance
  • School Improvement

​School Improvment Dashboard User Manual