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 Counselor Companion/My Career Plan

Counselor Companion (for counselors and administrators)

Counselor Companion was designed for counselors, by counselors.  It provides school counselors and administrators with online tools to assist in their work of ensuring that all Georgia public school students are college and career ready, including monitoring students’ progress on the BRIDGE law requirements and accessing a variety of online resources on various counseling-related topics.

My Career Plan (for students)

My Career Plan provides middle and high school students with easy access to career assessments, the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP), and other academic and career planning tools within YouScience.


Georgia middle and high school students are now able to use Yo​uS​c​ience's aptitude assessments for free.  From the YouScience website: "YouScience’s patent pending algorithm combines aptitudes, interests, and 21st century careers to make the highest quality career and educational recommendations. Previously, this was only available through professional counselors costing thousands of dollars. We use 5-to-8 minute performance based exercises for each aptitude to capture true areas of highest potential. Our assessment does not rely on self-reported user data, which can be ‘gamed’ or manipulated. We show exactly where your personal abilities are best aligned with over 500 career options, and it’s all in one online experience."

If you are a counselor or administrator who would like to register your students to use YouScience for free, please click here to get started: YouScience How To Get Started.pdf​ 

Training Resources

BRIDGE Bill Data Reporting Flowchart for Districts *Corrected and updated on 1/31/2019*

BRIDGE Bill Checklist ​ *Updated on 1/31/2019*


BRIDGE Bill/CTAE Data Collections Process Webinar​ ​(1/16/2019)

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