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2017 CTAE Winter Conference

January 23-24, 2017

Macon Centreplex


Greetings and Conference Introduction, Dr. Barbara Wall, CTAE State Director, GaDOE

Guidance and Counseling, Maria Grovner, Program Specialist, Guidance and Counseling, GaDOE

Business and Industry Partnership, Dr. Barbara Wall, David Tanner, Associate Director; Greg Wilson, Fiscal Analyst, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia

Connecting CCRPI and CTAE, Paula Swartzberg, Accountability Specialist, GaDOE

Impact of SB 364, Dr. Kathy Reese, Evaluation System Specialist, GaDOE

Program Delivery Update, Scott Chafin, Program Manager, CTAE; Sylvia Phillips, CTSO Executive Director, GaDOE

The New EOPA Data Application, Kellie Goss, Office of Technology Services, GaDOE

Development and Transition Update, Emily Spann, Program Manager, CTAE, GaDOE

Getting Ready for and Administering EOPAs - Best Practices, Beth Adams, Thomas County CTAE Director; Brett McDaniel, Wayne County CTAE Director; Lisa Collins, Fayette County CTAE Director; Sandy Colwell, Monroe County CTAE Director

EOPAs - Now What? - More Best Practices, Rhonda Samples, Hall County CTAE Director; Stefanie Mason, Emanuel County CTAE Director; Mark Morgan, Berrien County Assistant Superintendent; Brett Hall, Turner County CTAE Director

Finance and Accountability Update, Cheryl Clemons, Program Manager, CTAE, GaDOE