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Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education Staff Contact

​​​​​​​​​Director Dr. Barbara Wall ▪ 404-​387-1666​
Joy Flagg(404) 657-8304Administrative Assistant
Accountability/ Finance David Turner ▪ Program Manager ▪ 404-558-8127
Dr. Ray Anukam
(470) 755-9806
Research/Accountability; Local and Five-Year Plans
Julie Kenny
(404) 805-9904CTAE South Region Coordinator
Sharon Bonner(404) 805-9633CTAE Central Region Coordinator
Dr. Delmas L. Watkins​(404) 805-7279 CTAE North Region Coordinator
Dr. Tim Brown(470) 728-9643
Grants and Local Plan
Mamie Hanson (470) 728-6052Technical Skill Assessment Coordinator
Agriculture Education Billy Hughes ▪ Program Manager ▪ 678-346-5545
Valerie Gordon(470) 270-4008
Administrative Assistant
Stacey Beacham(229) 873-4202Agriculture Education South Region Coordinator
Chris Corzine
(864) 844-4412Agriculture Education Central Region Coordinator
James “Ben” Lastly
(706) 552-4456
(706) 410-4604
Agricultural Education FFA Executive Secretary
Stan Mitchell
(706) 338-7230Agriculture Education North Region Coordinator
School Counseling & Career Readiness  Sheila McKeehan  ▪ Program Manager ▪ 404-548-5475
Sheila McKeehan​
​(404) 548-5475
​School Counseling and Career Readiness, Hospital Homebound Services
Nicohl Webb
​(678) 673-0317
​School Counseling and Career Readiness​
Jennifer Phinney​
​(404) 558-5398
​Dual Enrollment, Articulation
Cherie Miller ​
(470) 270-4004
Special Populations (CCAE / PS, CTI)
Development and Transition Dr. Trudy Smith  ▪ Program Manager ▪ 404-805-6585

Administrative Assistant
Dr. Trudy Smith
(404) 805-6585
Professional Learning
Meghan McFerrin(470) 755-9197STEM / STEAM Program Specialist
Patrick Ledford
(470) 270-4010
Economic Development Liaison
Laura Boswell
(404) 313-9708​
Work-Based Learning
Youth Apprenticeship Program

STEM / STEAM Specialist, Non-Traditional Occupations
Research, Technology, Innovation Specialist,
Schools That Work (STW) State Coordinator
Local Career Pathway Development Coordinator
Lori H​​eemann
​(770) 676-8059
​State Coordinator, Great Promise Partnership (GPP)
Hilda Garrison 
​​(404) 217-8340 
​​NE Region Coordinator, Great Promise Partnership (GPP)
Program Delivery Roger Ivey ▪ Program Manager ▪ 470-270-4007

Administrative Assistant
Roger Ivey(470) 270-4007CTSO - TSA
Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
Tim Elliott
(470) 755-4629CTSO - SkillsUSA
Architecture and Construction;
Arts, A/V Technology and Communications;
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Vickie Rundbaken​
(470) 755-8523CTSO - FCCLA
Education and Training;
Human Services - Family and Consumer Sciences;
Hospitality and Tourism
Delda Hagin(470) 270-4006CTSO - FBLA 
Business, Management and Administration;
Information Technology
Sandra Martin​
(404) 606-2348

Health Science
CTSO - SkillsUSA
Cosmetology, Law and Public Safety
Human Services - Personal Care;
Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

Lynsey Singleton​(404) 210-8840
CTSO Coordinator
Joni Cochran​
(404) 623-5102

Hospitality and Tourism