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 Curriculum Frameworks Reference

Healthcare Science Technology Education


Dental Science Technology

25.48000 Introduction to Dental Science Technology

25.48200 Dental Science Technology I

25.48300 Dental Science Technology II

25.48400 Dental Science Technology Internship


Pre-Pharmacy Technology

25.52100 Introduction to Healthcare Science Technology Education

25.52200 Applications of Healthcare Science Technology Education

25.57100 Pharmacy Operations Fundamentals

25.57200 Medical Calculations and Drug Administration

25.57300 Pre-Pharmacy Technology Internship


Public Health

25.43000 Introduction to Public Health

25.43100 Advanced Public Health

25.43200 Intership in Public Health

Information Technology

11.42400 Database Management and Data Warehousing

Public Safety

43.43200 Constitutional and Criminal Law

Technology Education


Technology Education: Foundations

21.42500 Introduction to Technology I

21.42600 Introduction to Technology II


Technology Education: Communications

21.43100 Communication Technology

21.43200 Drafting Technology - Introduction

21.43300 Drafting Technology - Mechanical

21.43400 Drafting Technology - Architectural

21.43500 Graphic Arts Technology

21.43600 Digital Media Technology


Technology Education: Engineering

21.47100 Pre-Engineering Technology

21.45200 Electricity/Electronics Technology

21.47200 Engineering Applications

21.46100 Research and Design


Technology Education: Production

21.44100 Materials and Process Technology

21.44400 Production Technology

21.44500 Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Trade and Industrial Education


Automotive Technology

47.57100 Introduction to Automotive Service Technology

47.57200 Foundations of Automotive Service Technology

47.57300 Intermediate Automotive Service Technology

47.57400 Advanced Automotive Service Technology

47.57500 Automotive Service Technology Internship I



46.54500 Fundamentals of Construction

46.54600 Introduction to Building

46.55000 Carpentry I

46.55100 Residential Carpentry

46.55200 Construction Site Layout

46.55300 Commercial Carpentry

46.56000 Electrical I

46.56100 Electrical II

46.56200 Commercial Wiring I

46.56300 Commercial Wiring II

46.57000 Masonry I

46.57100 Residential Masonry

46.57200 Design Masonry

46.57300 Commercial Masonry

46.58000 Plumbing I

46.58100 Residential Plumbing

46.58200 Commercial Plumbing I

46.58300 Commercial Plumbing II


Electronics Technology

47.59100 Fundamentals of Electronics

47.59200 Alternating Current Circuits and Basic Computer Usage

47.59300 Analog Circuits

47.59400 Digital Circuits

47.59500 Advanced Direct Current and Alternating Current Circuits

47.59600 Advanced Analog and Digital Circuits

47.59700 Fundamentals of Microprocessors and Transmission Media


Engineering Drawing and Design

48.54100 Introduction to Engineering Drawing

48.54200 Engineering Concepts and Drawings

48.54300 Solid Modeling and Design

48.54400 Technical Manufacturing Concepts and Drawings

48.54500 Architectural Drawing and Design I

48.54600 Architectural Drawing and Design II

48.54700 Structural Detailing

48.54800 Civil Engineering Drawing


Graphic Communications

48.56100 Introduction to Graphic Design

48.56200 Fundamentals of Graphic Communications

48.56300 Practicum A, Press Operations

48.56400 Practicum B, Digital File Preparation

48.56500 Practicum C, Binding & Finishing

48.56600 Printing Technology Laboratory I

48.56700 Printing Technology Laboratory II

48.56800 Printing Technology Laboratory III


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration

46.54500 Fundamentals of Construction

47.51100 Foundations of HVACR

47.51200 HVACR Heating and Cooling Basics

47.51300 Air Flow Systems and Maintenance

47.51400 HVACR Controls and Operation

47.51500 Heat Pumps, Meter Devices, and Refrigerant Handling

47.51600 HVACR Servicing and Troubleshooting I

47.51700 HVACR Servicing and Troubleshooting II


Manufacturing and Engineering Sciences (Maintenance, Installation and Repair)

49.53100 Introduction to Manufacturing & Engineering Sciences

49.53200 Electrical Systems I

49.53300 Electrical Systems II

49.53400 Mechanical & Electrical Systems I

49.53500 Mechanical & Electrical Systems I

49.53600 Integrating Systems


Precision Machining

48.59000 Introduction to Precision Machining

48.59100 Bench work and Drill Press

48.59200 Basic Machine Tool Operations

48.59300 Intermediate Machine Tool Operations

48.59400 Advanced Machine Tool Operations

48.59500 Basic CNC Operations

48.59600 Intermediate CNC Operations


Sheet Metal

46.54500 Fundamentals of Construction

48.58100 Introduction to Metals

48.58200 Foundations of Sheet Metal

48.58300 Parallel Line Development

48.58400 Intermediate Sheet Metal Trade Techniques

48.58500 Radial Line Development

48.58600 Advanced Sheet Metal Trade Techniques

48.58700 Triangulation Fabrication

48.58800 Sheet Metal Specialty Skills

48.58900 Specialized Layout Techniques


Telecommunications Technology

10.53100 Fundamentals of Telecommunications

10.53200 Network Concepts

10.53300 Network Systems



46.54500 Fundamentals of Construction

48.58100 Introduction to Metals

48.55100 Arc Welding Processes I

48.55200 Arc Welding Processes II

48.55300 Intermediate Arc Welding Processes I

48.55400 Intermediate Arc Welding Processes II

48.55500 Advanced Arc Welding Processes I

48.55600 Advanced Arc Welding Processes II

48.55700 Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Specialty

48.55800 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Specialty

48.55900 Arc Welding Specialty – Stainless Steel

Junior ROTC


Air Force

28.01100 JROTC Air Force I: Aerospace Science: Frontiers of Aviation History

28.01200 JROTC Air Force II: Leadership, Introduction, Drill and Ceremonies

28.01300 JROTC Air Force III: Aerospace Science: Science of Flight

28.01400 JROTC Air Force IV: Leadership, Intercommunication Skills and Unlocking Your Potential

28.01500 JROTC Air Force V: Aerospace Science: Exploration of Space

28.01600 JROTC Air Force VI: Leadership, Life Skills and National Endowment for Financial Education

28.01700 JROTC Air Force VII: Aerospace Science: Geography and Principles of Management

28.01800 JROTC Air Force VIII: Aerospace Science: Policy, Organization and Principles of Management

28.01900 JROTC Air Force IX: Aerospace Science: Honors Ground School and Principles of Management



28.03100 JROTC Army I: Introduction to Leadership and Character Development

28.03200 JROTC Army II: Intermediate Life Skills, Geography and Government

28.03300 JROTC Army III: Advanced Leadership, Principles of Management, Advanced Life Skills,

     Orienteering and History

28.03400 JROTC Army IV: Leadership Seminar and Social Sciences

28.03500 JROTC Army V: MOWW Focus Curriculum, Service Learning and Community Service

28.03600 JROTC Army VI: Character Education and Service

28.03700 JROTC Army VII: Economics and Service

28.03800 JROTC Army VIII: Citizenship Seminar



28.04100 JROTC Marine Corps I

28.04200 JROTC Marine Corps II

28.04300 JROTC Marine Corps III

28.04400 JROTC Marine Corps IV

28.04500 JROTC Marine Corps V

28.04600 JROTC Marine Corps VI

28.04700 JROTC Marine Corps VII

28.04800 JROTC Marine Corps VIII



28.02100 JROTC Navy I: Naval Science: Cadet Field Manual

28.02200 JROTC Navy II: Naval Science: Introduction to NJROTC

28.02300 JROTC Navy III: Naval Science: Maritime History

28.02400 JROTC Navy IV: Naval Science: Nautical Sciences

28.02500 JROTC Navy V: Naval Science: Naval Knowledge

28.02600 JROTC Navy VI: Naval Science: Naval Orientation and Skills

28.02700 JROTC Navy VII: Naval Science: Naval Leadership and Ethics

28.02800 JROTC Navy VIII: Naval Science: Effective Communications

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