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 High School Phase III Career Pathway Development

High School – Phase III Career Pathway Development - Implemented Fall 2009

Program Concentration: Agriculture

Animal Science Career Pathway

Veterinary Science Career Pathway

Agricultural Mechanics Career Pathway

Agribusiness Management Career Pathway

Other GPS Agriculture Courses (9-12)

Program Concentration: Architecture, Construction, Communications and Transportation

Broadcast/Video Production Career Pathway

Course Titles:

Graphic Communications Career Pathway

Course Titles:

Graphic Design Career Pathway

Course Titles:

Other GPS Architecture, Construction, Communications & Transportation Courses (9-12)

Program Concentration: Business and Computer Science

Administrative/Information Support Career Pathway

Computer Systems and Support Career Pathway

Computer Networking Career Pathway

Other GPS Business & Computer Science Courses (9-12)

Program Concentration: Family and Consumer Sciences

Consumer Services Career Pathway

Family, Community & Global Leadership Pathway

This career pathway will undergo further review and will not be available for implementation school year 2009-2010.


Interior Design Career Pathway

Other GPS Family and Consumer Sciences Courses (9-12)

Program Concentration: Government and Public Safety

Homeland Security and Emergency Services Career Pathway

Law and Justice Career Pathway

Program Concentration: Healthcare Science

Diagnostic Services Career Pathway

Biotechnology Research and Development Career Pathway


Program Concentration: Marketing, Sales, and Services

Sports & Entertainment Marketing Career Pathway

Travel Marketing and Lodging Management Career Pathway

Other GPS Marketing, Sales & Services Courses (9-12)

 Contact Information

Emily Spann
Program Manager, Development & Transition, Career, Technical & Agricultural Education
Phone: 404-463-6405
Fax: 404-651-8984