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 Culinary Arts: Curriculum Documents and Resources

Menu Planning

Planning a perfect meal can be accomplished by proper details and attention given to menu planning. By completing the related performance standards, students will have a strong understanding of what is required to prepare food safely and plan the perfect meal.

Front of House Service

The Front of House Service generally is the first experience dinner guests see when entering a restaurant for a meal. Front of House Service involves waiters, waitresses, and hosts interacting professionally to seat diners for their meal, keeping the area clean and being courteous, informative, and positive. Students will apply the related performance standards to master Front of House Service.


Professionalism is important for any career, especially Culinary Chefs. Students will have the opportunity to master standards focusing on professionalism and related origins of food preparation in America and around the world.


Understanding proper nutrition criteria for serving sizes, correct portions, balanced diets, and healthy meal preparations are key outcomes for students. Future culinary chefs will master performance standards skills related to nutrition and understand how food is turned into energy for the human body and regulates the body processes.