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 End-of-Pathway Assessment

(Perkins IV Core Indicator 2S1)

Georgia, like many other career and technical education programs around the nation, has worked in recent years to establish a measurement mechanism to ascertain the level of technical skill attainment on behalf of its career pathway completers. Georgia’s measurement process has been derived in direct response to the Perkins IV Legislation, specifically, Core Indicator 2S1 which mandates states to implement a valid and reliable assessment model linked directly to industry validated standards.

In working to identify existing assessment (or credentialing) opportunities that would not only support the mandates set forth in the Perkins IV Legislation, but would also support Georgia students in their quest to leave high school with valuable credentials, the state’s technical skill attainment inventory will be comprised of several measurement components:

  • national industry certifications,

  • national occupational assessments, and

  • state licensures and state developed assessments

For additional information on Georgia’s End-of-Pathway Assessment Process, contact Ms. Mamie Hanson, State CTAE Assessment Coordinator, at (404) 657-6279 or via email at

Georgia’s Technical Skill Attainment Inventory Assessment Information Sheets


Agriculture Mechanics Pathway CDE Agriculture Mechanics Pathway NOCTI Animal Science Pathway CDE
Forestry-Natural Resouces Pathway CDE Forestry-Natural Resouces Pathway NOCTI Plant Science Horticulture Pathway CDE
Plant Science Horticulture Pathway State Developed

Architecture Construction Communications and Transportation

Aircraft Support Pathway SkillsUSA Architectural Drawing Design Pathway ADDA Apprentice Architectural Drawing Design Pathway Autodesk
Architectural Drawing Design Pathway NOCTI Architectural Drawing Design Pathway SkillsUSA Broadcast Video Production Pathway
Climate Control Pathway HVACR-NCCER Climate Control Pathway HVACR-SkillsUSA Climate Control Pathway Low Voltage-NCCER
Collision Repair Pathway Construction Carpentry Pathway NCCER Construction Carpentry Pathway SkillsUSA
Construction Pathway Electrical-NCCER Construction Pathway Electrical-SkillsUSA Construction Pathway Masonry-NCCER
Construction Pathway Masonry-SkillsUSA Construction Pathway Plumbing-NCCER Construction Pathway Plumbing-SkillsUSA
Flight Operations Pathway FAA Graphic Communications Pathway PrintED Graphic Communications Pathway SkillsUSA
Graphic Design Pathway SkillsUSA Marine Engine Pathway Metals Pathway Machining-NIMS
Metals Pathway Machining-SkillsUSA Metals Pathway Sheet Metal-NCCER Metals Pathway Welding-NCCER
Metals Pathway Welding-SkillsUSA Transportation Logistical Operations Pathway Transportation Logistical Support Pathway

Business and Computer Science

Administrative Information Support Pathway Computer Networking Pathway CCNA Computer Networking Pathway Network+
Computer Systems Pathway A+ Computer Systems Pathway SkillsUSA Computing Pathway SkillsUSA
Computing Pathway Sun Java Financial Mgmt-Accounting Pathway NBA Financial Mgmt-Accounting Pathway NOCTI
Financial Mgmt-Accounting Pathway QuickBooks Financial Mgmt-Services Pathway NOCTI Financial Mgmt-Services Pathway W!SE
Interactive Media Pathway Adobe Interactive Media Pathway CIW Interactive Media Pathway IC3
Small Business Development Pathway

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Pathway AAFCS Culinary Arts Pathway ACF


Early Childhood Education Pathway AAFCS Early Childhood Education Pathway ELCCT Early Childhood Education Pathway NOCTI
Teaching as a Profession Pathway State Developed

Engineering and Technology

Electronics Pathway NOCTI Energy Systems Pathway SkillsUSA Energy Systems Pathway State Engineering Exam
Engineering Graphics Design Pathway ADDA - Apprentice Engineering Graphics Design Pathway ADDA Engineering Graphics Design Pathway Autodesk
Engineering Graphics Design Pathway SkillsUSA Engineering Pathway SkillsUSA Engineering Pathway State Developed Exam
Manufacturing Pathway SkillsUSA – AMT Manufacturing Pathway SkillsUSA - RAT

Family and Consumer Sciences

Consumer Services Pathway AAFCS Consumer Services Pathway OKCareerTech Interior Design Pathway AAFCS
Interior Design Pathway NOCTI Nutrition and Food Science Pathway AAFCS

Government and Public Safety

Homeland Security Pathway FEMA Law Justice Pathway LPSSC Law Justice Pathway SkillsUSA

Healthcare Science

Diagnostic Services Pathway NCCT-NCPT Diagnostic Services Pathway NCHSE Diagnostic Services Pathway NHA-CMLA
Diagnostic Services Pathway NHA-CPT Emergency Services Pathway FEMA Emergency Services Pathway NCHSE
Health Informatics Pathway NCCT-NCICS Health Informatics Pathway NCCT-NCMOA Health Informatics Pathway NCHSE
Health Informatics Pathway NHA-CBCS Health Informatics Pathway NHA-CEHRS Health Informatics Pathway NHA-CMAA
Medical Services Pathway NCCT-NCET Medical Services Pathway NCCT-NCICS Medical Services Pathway NCCT-NCMA
Medical Services Pathway NCCT-NCMOA Medical Services Pathway NCCT-NCPCT Medical Services Pathway NCCT-NCPT
Medical Services Pathway NCCT-TS-C Medical Services Pathway NCHSE Medical Services Pathway NHA-CET
Medical Services Pathway NHA-CORST Medical Services Pathway NHA-CPCT Nursing Pathway CNA
Nursing Pathway NCHSE Nursing Pathway NHA-CPCT Personal Care Pathway SkillsUSA
Physical Medicine Pathway NCHSE Personal Care Services Pathway - State Licensure


Fashion Marketing Pathway ASK Fashion Marketing Pathway NOCTI Marketing and Management Pathway ASK
Marketing and Management Pathway Oklahoma Marketing Communications Pathway ASK Sports Marketing Pathway ASK

 Contact Information

Mamie Hanson
Program Specialist,
Career, Technical & Agricultural Education
Phone: (404) 657-6279
Fax: (404) 651-8984