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 Instructional Resources for Counselors, Educators, Parents

Georgia public school systems will receive boxes of instructional materials for distribution to middle and high schools in your school system. These instructional materials are designed to inform and prepare students, parents, educators, and administrators about the many opportunities and options available through the Career, Technical and Agricultural Education Clusters/Pathways initiative, the Capstone Project, as well as Move On When Ready (MOWR) Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit program documents.

The materials were created by the Georgia Department of Education and the Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) division to assist local systems in meeting CCRPI indicators related to career development, career clusters/pathways completion, end-of-pathway assessments, dual credit, and Individual Graduation Plan implementation.

Sent to the attention of local CTAE Directors, plans need to be made to distribute the following materials to middle and high schools in their system.

  1. Move On When Ready Counselor Informational Card
      Each district high school and middle school should receive NEW Move On When Ready/Dual Credit Informational Cards as follows:
    • 50 to 500 students in the school – 50 cards
    • 501 to 1,200 students in the school – 100 cards
    • 1,201 to 2,200 students in the school – 200 cards
    • 2,201 to 3,400 students in the school – 300 cards
  2. Move On When Ready/Dual Credit Parent Flyers
    • Each district middle school should receive Move On When Ready Parent flyers for distribution to parents/guardians of each 8th grade student before February 1, 2017.
  3. Updated Ring Cards for Career Cluster Pathways
    • Each school district middle and high school should receive up to 20 sets of ring cards to be distributed to schools at their discretion. The school FTE count determined the number of sets provided.
  4. Updated Career-Related Capstone Project Cards
    • Each high school should receive 60 Career-Related Capstone Project cards to be used at the schools’ discretion.

The local system CTAE Directors should distribute appropriate materials to counselors to connect and integrate with individual advisement and classroom advisement/guidance sessions. These materials may also be used in the development of the Individual Graduation Plan and/or any other career awareness, exploration, and development activities that are in place at your school.

If you have any questions regarding the materials and resources, or have suggestions, please contact Dr. Myrel Seigler by email ( or phone (404-657-8324) or Emily Spann by email ( or phone (404-463-6405).

Thank you very much for your support as we continue Educating Georgia’s Future.