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 Home Language Survey - Translated Versions

​​​​​Beginning in 2017-2018, Title III law under the ESSA requires uniform statewide entrance and exit procedures for ESOL programs.  This necessitates the use of a universal, state-required Home Language Survey (HLS).  Federal guidance for this survey has been released and the translations provided by the Georgia Department of Education adhere to that guidance, namely by providing a clear statement of the form's purpose to parents/guardians and including three specific "language-related" questions as recommended by Bailey and Kelly (2012).                                         

Please note that the parent-preferred-language-for-school-communication question at the bottom of the HLS forms IS NOT one of the three (3) required Home Language Survey questions, but rather a data collection question (starting in School Year 2019-2020) to support school and district leaders’ understanding of the languages represented in the LEA and guide in the development of parent-school communication plans that ensure all parents understand school communications.​

Home Language Survey Translations