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 Title III Program Management Resources

Title III Program Management

​​​Title III Budget Development Tools

Title III, Part A Regional LEA Consortia

Local School Districts (LEAs) may choose to form or join a Title III-A Regional LEA consortium when their individual English Learner (EL) student count does not meet the minimum threshold, but their collective EL student count with like-minded LEAs does meet this minimum. Per Title III, Part A statute, “a state educational agency shall not award a subgrant…if the amount of such subgrant would be less than $10,000” [Sec. 3114 (b)]. As federal funding varies from year to year, and as Georgia’s EL student population increases, the threshold number of EL students necessary to receive the minimum $10,000 Title III-A subgrant changes as well. In FY18, the minimum EL student count was 77; in FY19, it was 82. Thus, districts with fewer than 82 EL students did not qualify for the direct Title III, Part A subgrant in FY19, unless they formed or joined a Regional LEA Consortium in order to meet the minimum collectively. 

For more information about the benefits and responsibilities of participating in a Title III, Part A Regional LEA Consortium, please review the resources below:

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