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 Committee Of Practitioners

Guidelines for Georgia Title I Committee of Practitioners (COP)

Stat​​​​​e Administration of  Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ES​EA) is directed to be substantially involved in the review and comment on any proposed or final state rules, regulations, and policies relating to Title I prior to their publication.​ 

​Committee members are provided with an update on national education reform activities, changes in Title I legislation and regulations, and other pertinent state and federal information.

Presently, the membership of COPs includes representatives from local educational agencies administrators, teachers, including vocational educators, parents, members of local boards of education, representatives of private school children, representatives of charter schools, and pupil services personnel. 

​​​Members are nominated for three year terms by the Office of School Improvement (SI) and approved by the Georgia State Board of Education.  Nominated candidates represent the required representative groups and each Congressional District in the state.  Vacancies are replaced with individuals from similar representative groups and regions of the state.

This committee meets twice during each regular school year with additional sub-committee meetings as appropriate.  Actions required by the membership determine the need to postpone or convene additional meetings. 

A Title I designee acts as the Executive Secretary and develops meeting agendas with input from the Title I Programs Director, the COP Chairperson, and membership.  Documentation of all meetings, agendas, and other pertinent data are maintained at the Department.​






 Contact Information

Ken Banter
Senior Program Manager
Title I, Part A

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