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 Targeted Assistance Programs

​​​Targeted Assistance Programs to Support Student Achievement 

​In all schools selected to receive Title I, Part A funds under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), Section 1113(c) that are ineligible for a schoolwide program, have not received a waiver to operate a schoolwide program, or that choose not to operate such a schoolwide program, a local educational agency (LEA) serving such schools may use funds received under this part only for programs that provide services to eligible children identified as having the greatest need for special assistance.

Under the ESEA section 1115, as amended by ESSA, participation as a Targeted Assistance Program requires a school to:

  • Determine which students will be served using a multiple selection criteria.
  • Serve eligible students by providing resources that will help children meet Georgia's challenging academic standards, which may include programs, activities, and academic courses necessary to provide a well-rounded education.
  • Coordinate with and support the regular education program.
  • Provide professional development to personnel who work with eligible students.
  • Implement activities to increase the involvement of parents of eligible children.
  • If appropriate and applicable, coordinate and integrate federal, state, and local services and programs supported by this program.
  • Provide the local educational agency assurances that the school will help provide an accelerated, high-quality curriculum; minimize the removal of children from the regular classroom during regular school hours for instruction, and regularly review the progress of eligible children and revise the targeted assistance program as necessary.

​Benefits of Operating a Targeted Assistance Program

  • Students who are identified as most academically at-risk of meeting Georgia's challenging state academic standards are eligible to receive targeted support.
  • Teachers and other staff members of eligible students are provided professional development to support eligible students.
  • Parents of eligible students are provided resources to support their children.

Targeted Assistance Program Resources​