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 Other Resources

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Key Title I, Part A Program Resources

  Federal Programs HB​             ​  Title I, Part A HB​ ​           ​​​     Year-at-a-Glance​​

​Documents and Resources  ​​​

​​​​Budgeting Resources​​​​

​​​Poverty Resources ​


Neglected and Delinquent Set-aside​​​

Allocations Summary Graphic​

Budget Approval ​C​​hecklist​​​​​

​Chart of Accounts (Title I Chart)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Chart of Accounts (Title I, Descriptions)​​​​

Chart of Accounts (Financial Review)

DRAFT Districtwide Family School Partnership Project Assurance Form​

Drawdown Calculation Sample           ​ Worksheet​​

Educational Field Trip​ Expenditure        Request Form​​​​​

Expenditure Prior Approval Form​

GLRS - Budgeting FAQs ​​

​Indirect Cost R​​​ates​

DRAFT PFE Carryover Calculation ​ Worksheet 

Use of Title I, Part A​ Funds ​​

CEP Information and Data For​m-Title I​​​​​

Determining Poverty for Private Schools​

Eligible Attendance Area Wo​rksheet 

FY23 Poverty Information 


​Time and Effort Resources

​​​Monitoring Resources 

Periodic Certification Form (Group)​Periodic Certification Form (Individual)​​

Time Log - 2nd Source AutoFit Rows​​​Time Log - 3rd Source​​​

Title I, Part A Cross Functional Monitoring Companion Guide - FY24​​​
Inventory Monitoring Document 

​Comparability and MOE

​​​Miscellaneous Resources ​

​Charter School Maintenance of Effor​t ​​

Comp:  All Title 

Comp:  High/Low Poverty

Comp:  Title/Non-Title 

Comp:  Enrollment - All Title 

Comp:  Enrollment - Title/Non -Title

Comp:  ​​Grade Span - Title/Non ​-Title

Comp:  G​rade Span - High/Lo Poverty

Comparability Flow Chart​

NEW - School Improvement Plan (SIP) User Manual ​
NEW ​- FY24 SIP Online Template​​
Precipitous Decli​ne SAMPLE Form  
Report Feature Directions - ConApp​​​
Terms, Acronyms and Descriptions​