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 School Social Work

​​Program Overview

​School social workers are trained and qualified to analyze barriers to learning, assist with mental health and behavioral concerns, provide positive behavioral, academic, and classroom support in consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators to promote student achievement. School social workers bring a unique professional knowledge and skillset to the school system. School social workers provide the vital link between the home, school, and community to provide support services that impact students' academic achievement. 

School social workers are trained mental health professionals with a Master of Social Work degree and are certified by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

Building Relationships Between People

School social workers use the approach of working with relationships between people and their environment and utilizing prevention strategies and interventions designed to contribute to the overall health of the school environment. Prevention, focusing on the total wellness of the student body, and intervention, targeting those students at risk, are combined to promote a school climate that encourages all students to learn and to develop social competence. Through assessment, crisis intervention, and coordination of community services, school social workers help students, families, and school systems overcome barriers that interfere with learning.


 Contact Information

​​Lindsey Oliver, DSW, LMSW
School Social Work Specialist
Office of Whole Child Supports
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​Find us on Twitter @GaDOEWholeChild