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 Health Barriers to Learning and Development (HBLD)


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​​​​​​​​​​​​Health barriers to learning and development (HBLDs) include prevalent and persistent conditions that when left unrecognized or unaddressed, can interfere with a child's ability to learn and inhibit their physical, emotional, and cognitive development. These barriers include: uncontrolled asthma, dental pain, unaddressed hearing problems, persistent hunger, unaddressed vision problems, lead exposure, behavioral and mental health problems, and language development. ​

Health Barriers to Learning and Development Toolkit​​​

This toolkit was designed to build awareness and provide schools with solutions in the form of resources, tools, and suggested partners to support students who may be affected by HBLDs. As of 2019, nearly 32% of Georgians were living below 200% of the poverty line; 197,000 children under the age of 19 were uninsured; and more than one-third of all counties in the state lack a pediatrician. The intention of this toolkit is to provide pathways for schools to bridge these gaps by addressing health-related factors that impact education outcomes.​

Intended Audience: school administrators, educational support staff (school nurses, social workers, counselors, and other individuals who fill these roles), and community partner organizations.​

Access a PDF version of the​ HB​LD Toolkit here​​​.​​​

Short Video Clips for HBLDs

Short Video Clips for HBLDs
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