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 Georgia Career Pathways

College and Career Clusters 


  • Agribusiness Systems (John Bridges)
  • Animal Systems (John Bridges)
  • Environmental Systems (John Bridges)
  • Food Products & Processing Systems (John Bridges)
  • Forestry/Natural Resources Systems (John Bridges)
  • Plant Systems (John Bridges)
  • Power Structure & Technical Systems (John Bridges) 

Architecture and Construction 

  • Design/Pre-Construction (Carol Burke)
  • Construction (Carol Burke)
  • Maintenance/Operations (Carol Burke)

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications 

  • Audio and Video Technology and Film (Carol Burke)
  • Printing Technology (Carol Burke)
  • Visual Arts (   )
  • Performing Arts (    )
  • Journalism and Broadcasting (    )
  • Telecommunications (    ) 

Business Administration 

  • Administrative Support (Misty Freeman)
  • Business Information Management (Misty Freeman)
  • Business Management (Misty Freeman)
  • Human Resources Management (Misty Freeman)
  • Business Administration Logistics (Misty Freeman) 

Education & Training

  • Early Childhood Development & Services (Laura Ergle)
  • Teaching as a Profession (Laura Ergle)

Energy Systems

  • Energy Systems (Ron Barker)
  • Electronics (Ron Barker)
  • Alternative Energy and Fuels (Ron Barker)
  • Power and Grid Distribution (Ron Barker)


  • Accounting (Misty Freeman)
  • Banking Services (Misty Freeman)
  • Insurance Services (Misty Freeman)
  • Securities and Investments (Misty Freeman)

Goverment and Public Administration 

  • JROTC Air Force (Gary Mealer)
  • JROTC Army (Gary Mealer)
  • JROTC Marines (Gary Mealer)
  • JROTC Navy (Gary Mealer)
  • Governance (Gary Mealer)
  • Planning (Gary Mealer)
  • Public Management and Administration (Gary Mealer)

Health Science

  • Biotechnology: Research and Development (Phyllis Johnson)
  • Diagnostics (Phyllis Johnson)
  • Health Informatics and Health IT (Phyllis Johnson)
  • Support Services (Phyllis Johnson)
  • Therapeutic Services (Phyllis Johnson)

Hospitality and Tourism

  • Culinary Arts (Laura Ergle)
  • Restaurant & Food/Beverage Service (Laura Ergle)
  • Travel, Tourism & Lodging (Linda Smith)
  • Recreation, Sports & Entertainment (Linda Smith)

Human Services

  • Nutrition and Food Science (Laura Ergle)
  • Interior Design/Textiles and Merchandising (Laura Ergle)
  • Consumer Services (Laura Ergle)
  • Personal Care Services (Phyllis Johnson)

Information Technology 

  • Information Support and Services (Misty Freeman)
  • Network Systems (Misty Freeman)
  • Programming (Misty Freeman)
  • Web and Digital Communication (Misty Freeman)

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

  • Corrections Services (Phyllis Johnson)
  • Emergency and Fire Services (Phyllis Johnson)
  • Law Enforcement Services (Phyllis Johnson)
  • Legal Services (Phyllis Johnson)


  • Health, Safety and Environmental Assurance (Ron Barker)
  • Logistics and Inventory Control (Ron Barker)
  • Production Processes and Quality Assurance (Ron Barker)
  • Manufacturing (Ron Barker)
  • Advanced Manufacturing/Mechatronics (Ron Barker)


  • Communications, Promotion and Professional Sales (Linda Smith)
  • Entrepreneurship (Linda Smith)
  • Marketing Management (Linda Smith)
  • Merchandising (Linda Smith)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 

  • STEM Engineering and Technology (Ron Barker)
  • Engineering Graphics and Design (Ron Barker)
  • STEM Engineering and Technology - PLTW (Ron Barker)
  • Mathematics (Sandi Woodall)
  • Science (Juan-Carlos Aguilar) 

Transportation Distribution & Logistics 

  • Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance (Carol Burke)
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management (Carol Burke)
  • Logistics Planning and Management Services (Carol Burke)
  • Sales and Service (Carol Burke)
  • Transportation Operations (Carol Burke)
  • Transportation System/Infrastructure Plan, Manage, Regulation (Carol Burke)
  • Warehousing and Distribution Operations (Carol Burke) 

Support Program for Special Populations


High School Career Pathway Performance Standards