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Federal and State Authority

Federal Regulation (IDEA)
State Board Rule

Transition is the movement from school to post school environments. It should include the skills necessary for the student to be successful in education, employment, and independent living after completion of high school. The student should be involved in the process and decisions for their future and schools should assist students to build student’s self-determination skills to reach their goals.

Below are links to resources for administrators, teachers and support staff to provide for a meaningful transition for all students with disabilities. Should you have questions and/or concerns about transition, please contact the Program Specialist listed in the contacts.

Implementation Manual: Individual Education Program with Transition requirements


Professional Resources


Transition Professional Learning and Technical Assistance 2021-2022


Best Practices Form and Parent Mentor Partnership Kick Off

Date: September 28, 2021: Best practices Forum
Time: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

               Registration Link
The Best Practice Forum will be held in conjunction with the Parent Mentor Partnership Kickoff. The dates of the events will be Tuesday, September 28th (Best Practices Forum) through Thursday, September 30th (Parent Mentor Partnership Kickoff). The forum will spotlight the work of GLRS, districts, GNETS, and teachers to implement the Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction (SDLMI), incorporate the Self-Determination Inventory (SDI) as a transition assessment, and use the SDI with student-led IEPs and other self-determination initiatives. Presentations will also include the use of technology to engage students virtually, vocational rehabilitation updates, and spotlighting student successes.

Audience: GLRS, Special Education Directors/Coordinators, administrators, transition personnel, teachers of students with disabilities, parent mentors, and districts staff participating in the implementation of ASPIRE, student-led IEPs and the Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction (SDI).

For more information, contact Elise James at  










 Contact Information


Wina Low
State Director,
Special Education Services and Supports

Elise James
Programs Specialist, Transition Outcomes, 
Self-Determination Initiatives
(404) 326-0421
Laurie Ponsell​
Program Specialist, Transition Compliance
​(470) 303-0516 

 Transition Process to Adulthood