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 Locally Developed Career Pathway Course Process

Another key term to reference in the development of local pathways is a program of study. As a requirement under the federal Strengthening CTE for the 21st Century Act of 2018, Perkins V, a program of study is one type of career pathway. “A program of study is a non-duplicative sequence of academic and technical courses that include secondary- and postsecondary-level content and opportunities for high school students to earn postsecondary credit and culminate in industry-based credentials and/or postsecondary degrees,” as referenced in the New Skills for Youth initiative research and report.

The development and implementation of career pathways is the mechanism used by the State of Georgia to meet the federal requirements of offering at least one program of study. Georgia offers programs of study/career pathways beyond the federally mandated requirements.

Shown below are the steps, procedures, and processes that need to be completed and provided in the development of Locally Developed Career Pathways.

​​ CTAE Locally Developed Career Pathway Course Process
To visualize a completed CTAE program of study document, please visit this link.