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 Georgia World Languages Professional Development Page

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Every day, across the great state of Georgia, world language teaching professionals enter their classrooms and share the world beyond our borders with their students. They strive to give their students not only the linguistic tools they will need to enter the global arena, but also the cultural competencies they will need to be competitive in the workforce. This page is, first and foremost, dedicated to these professionals and their students.  

This website serves several functions:
  • ​It serves as a repository for Professional Development webinars related to various world language programs and aspects.
  • It serves as an online nexus to connect to other open source Professional Development opportunities with regards to World Language and cultural Education.
  • It serves to inform world language teaching professionals in Georgia about our upcoming Professional Development opportunities.
  • It serves to highlight the capabilities in-state language and cultural partners can provide to support language and cultural programs statewide.
  • It serves to link to websites and research related to world language education in Georgia.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Parlez-vous Français? Georgia Says 'Oui,' Leads Southeast In World Language Education​!  Find out more via this link!​​

Check out our recent article in the ACTFL Language Educator on Building a Globally Competent and Competitive Workforce for Georgia.

GaDOE Launches World Language Community Online ​PLC 

The Georgia Department of Education has launched a new innovative platform to provide the opportunity for world language teachers and administrators and GaDOE staff to collaborate, connect and share thoughts and resources as well as encouragement for the 2020-2021 school year!  The instructions below will help guide you in the creation of your account and navigating to the communities that you are interested in.  We look forward to connecting! Find out how via the pdf instructions below.

Introducing GaDOE WL Communities.pdf

Newly Released DLI Spanish Science Resources

​​​K-5 Spanish Dual Language Immersion Resources

Access Files via this link.​

Newly Released DLI French Science Resources

​​​K-5 French Dual Language Immersion Resources

Access Files via this link.​

​Newly Released German Units & Lesson Plans

​​​German Level 1

German Level 1 Unit and Lesson Plans

German Level 2

German Level 2 Unit​​ and Lesson Plans

​Newly Released Spanish Units & Lesson Plans

​​​Spanish 8th Grade

Spanish 8th Grade Unit and Lesson Plans

​​​Spanish Level 1

Spanish Level 1 Unit and Lesson Plans

Spanish Level 2

Spanish Level 2 Unit and Lesson Plans​

Spanish Level 3

Spanish Level 3 Unit and Lesson Plans​

Spanish Level 4

Spanish Level 4 Unit and Lesson Plans​

AP Spanish

AP Spanish Unit and Lesson Plans​

Newly Released French Units & Lesson Plans

French 7th Grade

French 7th Grade Unit and Lesson Plans​

French 8th Grade

French 8th Grade Unit and Lesson Plans

French Connections

French Connections Unit and Lesson Plans​

​​​French Level 1

French Level 1 Unit and Lesson Plans​​

French Level 2

French Level 2 Unit and Lesson Plans​

French Level 3

French Level 3 Unit and Lesson Plans

French Level 4

French Level 4 Unit and Lesson Plans

AP French

AP French Unit and Lesson Plans​

​​​Newly Released ASL Units & Lesson Plans

​​​ASL Level 1

ASL Level 1 Unit and Lesson Plans

ASL Level 2​

ASL Level 2 Unit and Lesson Plans​

Teacher to Teacher Video/Webinar Series​

Tips for the Spanish Classroom​ - Mrs. Downey - February 2018​​

Being Intentional with Proficiency in the World Language Classroom. - Mrs. Bertha Delgadillo.

Tips for Easy Unit Planning during Digital Learning​ - Elsie Ratliff and Jamie Vega - July 2020

Jamie Vega and Elsie Ratliff Webinar 7-30-2020.pdf

World Language Options beyond High School

The Georgia Department of Education World Languages and Global Workforce Initiatives, in cooperation with the GaDOE World Language University/College Advsiory Board is pleased to offer the following documents to help with articulation of language programs K-Workforce.  (Please check back in with us as we add to this area.)

Want to be certified as a World Language Educator in Ga?

The Georgia state cerfification agency is called the Georgia Professional Standards Commission​ (GaPSC).  They offer a variety of tools to help prospective teachers find the pathways to certification to meet their needs.  These can be found here.​  You may find both the Steps to Becoming a Georgia Teacher​ and the Certificate Explorer ​features helpful along with the other tools provided there.

In an effort to make the certification process easier to understand for prospective world language teachers here in Georgia, we are pleased to provide these additional resources to help answer your questions.  Please refer to the above information or contact the PSC directly at​ for additional assistance.

Revised Certification Guidance at a glance for World Language Educators in Georgia.pdf​

Certification Guidance at a glance for World Language Educators in Georgia SPAN.pdfCertification Guidance at a glance for World Language Educators in Georgia SPAN.pdf (Spanish Version)

Pathways to Certification in Georgia.pdfPathways to World Language Teacher Certification in Georgia.pdf

Check out the LangCred Site for nationwide information on teacher preparation programs.​

Link to Pathways to Certification Webinar with GaPSC​

Pathways to Certification Webinar Presentation.pdfPathways to Certification Webinar Presentation.pdf

World Language WebinarSPANISH.pdfWorld Language WebinarSPANISH.pdf

Link to EdTPA Webinar with Dr. Garrett Rucks​ 

World Language PSC Webinar March 2022.pdf

​​​​General Programs Informational Webinars
The International Skills Diploma Seal

For more information on the International Skills Diploma Seal program, please review the recorded webinar below.

2018 Webinar reviewing the ISDS Program.

Link to presentation for webinar.​​

Georgia's New Seal of Biliteracy
  1. Georgia's Seal of Biliteracy 2017.pptxGeorgia's Seal of Biliteracy 2017.pptx / Powerpoint
  2. Link to webinar on Georgia's Seal of Biliteracy / Webinar
Georgia's Dual Language Immersion Model
The Road Ahead 

​Teacher to Teacher Video/Webinar Series​

Tips for the Spanish Classroom​ - Mrs. Downey - February 2018​

An Introduction to proficiency and competency based instruction - Mrs. Meredith White
proficiency.pptxproficiency.pptx / Powerpoint

Being Intentional with Proficiency in the World Language Classroom. - Mrs. Bertha Delgadillo.

Proficiency Board Printables.docxProficiency Board Printables.docx (Special Appreciation to Dr. Mark Linsky, Mrs. Meredith White and Mrs. Bertha Delgadillo and creative commons for the resources.)

Presentations from the English DLI Partner Teacher Workshop Feb 2020

proficiency board sample 2.jpg

​Georgia's World Language and Cultural Partners Series

Here we will highlight the opportunities in state language and cultural partners can provide in the work of language and cultural teaching.

Information on IB Programs in Georgia

All data shown in this presentation were gathered from open sources.  Permission is granted for Georgia schools and other entities to use show these slides and their associated content in any setting with any audience provided that the formatting and CASIE branding are preserved.  This PowerPoint presentation may be opened as a read-only file and shown in presentation mode or printed.  However, slides cannot be altered, rearranged, or copied into another presentation as a safeguard to preserve formatting and CASIE branding.  CASIE welcomes questions and ongoing dialogue about this data and its potential implications for IB schools and educational decision-makers in Georgia.

​​​​​​​​​GaDOE World Language Updates (Archive)

 ​​​​​​​​​​​GaDOE World Language Update Jan 3, 2018.pdfGaDOE World Language Update Jan 3, 2018.pdf


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 World Language Professional Organizations

ACTFL​ (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)
SCOLT (Southern Conference on Language Teaching)
FLAG​ (Foreign Language Association of Georgia)​
CASIE (Center for Advancement and Study of International Education)
MLA​ (Modern Language Association)​
NABE (National Association for Bilingual Education)
NCSSFL​ (National Council for State Supervisors of Language)
NADSFL ​(National Association of District Supervisors of Foreign Languages)​
ASHA (American Speech-Language Association)
ASTA​ (American Sign Language Teacher's Association)
SAMLA (Southern Atlantic Modern Language Association)
CLA (College Language Association)​

 Language Specific Professional Organizations

​​AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese)
AATSP (Georgia Chapter)
AATG (American Association of Teachers of German)
AATG (Georgia Chapter)
AATF​ (American Association of Teachers of French)
AATF (Georgia Chapter)
GCA (Georgia Classical Association)
CLTA (Chinese Language Teachers of America)
GCLE (Georgia Chinese Language Educators)
GATJE (Georgia Association of Teachers of Japanese)
AATJ (American Association of Teachers of Japanese)
AATI (American Association of Teachers of Italian)
ACL (American Classical League)
GJCL ​(Georgia Junior Classical League)
ASLTA​ (American Sign Language Teacher's Association)
GAD ​(Georgia Association of the Deaf)
GATA​ (Georgia Arabic Teacher's Association)
AATA​ (American Association of Teachers of Arabic)
AATSEEL​ (American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European languages)